What are questions of law?faq

Questions of laws are those legal problems which are decided by the courts by applying the principles of law. Once decided then they act as precedent. Before the courts, disputes are decided by appreciating the facts and application of law. Any dispute or part of the dispute which can be decided only by applying principles of law on the admitted facts then first those questions of law will be decided first without evaluating the facts during the trial.

What is questionsoflaw.com?

This is a portal to share everything legal. We share questions of law which everyone should be aware as a citizen of India. We also share those questions of law which are interpreted by the courts in their various judgments.

How you can contribute?

If you have any knowledge of law or you have something to share relating to law, you can send it to __________. It will be scrutinised before it gets uploaded to portal.

What we are not allowed to do?

According to the laws of India, we are not allowed to solicit, advertise or invite any work or do any sort of inducement and neither we do so. The purpose of this website is just to share the information and make aware to the people of this country about the laws to which they have to follow either with or against their wishes.